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World Earth Day

Everyone’s part of World Earth Day!

Today’s World Earth Day, accompanied by its own hashtag ‘#WorldEarthDay’. It is a day to pause and reflect on that which always turns: the earth. Because a lot is happening to it, and we all need to do our bit in keeping it clean and healthy.

What we do as a hotel

As a hotel, it can sometimes be a challenge to make conscious choices, but we try to keep making the best possible choices without compromising the service or luxury we offer as a boutique hotel.

Beachhouse Hotel keeps looking for greener innovations such as limiting the use of single use plastic. We already quit handing out complimentary plastic water bottles to our guests upon arrival and have switched to (recyclable) glass water bottles instead.

We also made some alterations to the breakfast buffet we offer. We offered toppings like cheese and ham packed per serving in plastic, but we went back to serving bread toppings and spreads on plates and in bowls. This requires better food management from us in order to keep everything fresh and avoid food waste.

We are also in the process in finding a 100% plastic-free disposable coffee cup. Did you know the cardboard cups are lined with a very thin layer of plastic film to avoid leakage? But even if we find the perfect 100% recyclable cup, always find a bin for it!

A clean beach
We encourage everyone to keep the beautiful beach clean. Not only is stray trash harmful for all sea life, but it’s not a nice sight either and can cause injuries, especially to playing kids or dogs. Speaking of dogs, guests receive a little ‘doggy-bag’ for their furry friends, including two zero-plastic, 100% organic poop-scoop bags. Because no one likes to spread their towel into… well, we won’t go there.

Zandvoort and its people are keen on keeping its beaches clean, therefore, several beach cleanups are organised throughout the year to clean up Zandvoort’s beach.

Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour
In August, the entire North Sea coast will be cleaned up with thousands of volunteers in 30 rounds. Since 2013 they have already removed 103,558 kilos(!) of rubbish from the beaches.
Want to join? Visit beachcleanuptour.nl.

Plastic Soup Walk
Residents, visitors, and nature lovers can all walk the Plastic Soup Walk by ‘Juttersgeluk’. This is a (individual) walk where you learn all about the plastic soup. There are four routes to choose from and you get a Beach Cleanup Set to borrow, fun Waste Bingo cards. Tick off the waste most often found on the beach and read the corresponding waste facts. Afterwards, hand in the recyclable plastic and get a small reward.

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