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Holiday by the sea: tips to make great beach photos

De beste strandfoto tijdens je vakantie aan zee maak je zo

The beach is a beautiful place to take pictures. Dunes, rough waves, water sports enthusiasts on the job.. Still, it can be hard to capture that perfect picture on a sunny day at the coast. These tips will help you make the best beach photos.

Golden hour

The height of the sun determines the length of shadows and therefore has a great influence on the atmosphere in your photo. To capture a beautiful, soft image, it is best to take pictures during the golden hour. The shadows are then long and the sun has a warm glow. So get out early or stay awake a little longer, because the most beautiful photos are taken around sunrise or sunset.

Use your flash

If you do shoot portraits when the sun is at its highest (between 11:00 and 15:00), use your flash to reduce dark shadows. By flashing you add a little extra  light to the photo, with which you fill the shadows – for example under the eyes – and make them less violent. Too little effect? Hold a white towel in the air! This will also reflects sunlight back to the shadowed face.

Choose a surprising perspective

For a surprising composition experiment with height and close-ups versus total shots. For example, when you take pictures of children playing or your girlfriend who is enjoying the sun, do not take a 10-meter-long photograph to get a full picture, but choose to take close-up photos. Or lie down on the beach, sit down or stand on your beach bed for a different perspective.


The wide view of the beach is beautiful, but it still can be quite difficult to take unique photos in such a uniform environment. It is therefore advisable to choose a focus point. Think of footsteps in the sand or zoom in on a shell or a bottle of suntan lotion. That beach feeling remains, but you have a completely different picture.

Rule of thirds

Make use of other objects on the beach to make your photo more interesting. A pier, jetties, coloured beach houses or the lifeguard’s post. Then use the rule of thirds, dividing the image into nine imaginary (equal) parts. You can use both the lines and the intersections to place your image elements on. Your photos will then become aesthetically more attractive. For example, if you take a picture of the horizon, try to keep the horizon slightly out of the middle of your picture. You can often set this grid on your camera.

Once at home pick your favorite pictures and have it printed on wood. The perfect way to hold on to that relaxed holiday mood for a bit longer.

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